Humanitarian Aid – Ukraine

Medical assistance:

The conflict in Ukraine that begun in 2014 causes the deepening of the humanitarian crisis and the rise of the amount of people in need. The Polish Volunteer Humanitarian Team has been providing aid in Ukraine for over a year now.

In 2016 we have distributed 6 tons of medicines worth over 1m USD. We have delivered medicines directly to 90 hospitals in 17 oblasts. We, as the first organisation, managed to complete the whole procedure of transport from Poland, clearance and distribution effectively and fast. The distribution took 60 days. Our partner in both projects was Caritas SDD UGKC.

According to the World Health Organisation, the needs of the National Health Service in Ukraine have been implemented in 3%.


Food assistance:

On January 17th, 2017 during the meeting in the Town Hall in Drohobych, acknowledgements were awarded to Polish volunteers. The ceremony was hosted by Jose Turczyk, the former director of Amnesty International Ukraine and the mayor of Drohobych, on behalf of the administration of the Donetsk oblast. Artur Deska and Artur Niemczyk, the activists of the Polish Volunteer Humanitarian Team, as the first Poles were awarded acknowledgements and received awards for the whole of activities (during last two years 56 people were awarded, including only two Poles). The awards were granted for an active help for the people suffering from the humanitarian crisis in the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation zone.

The Polish Volunteer Humanitarian Team organised the distribution of food and supplied the field kitchen in Avdiivka. We provided civilians with 65 tons of food which allowed to prepare over 30,000 hot meals and distribute over 3,000 bags with food for the citizens of the oblast suffering from the humanitarian crisis.